Benefits of Investment

Wedecorhomes is a local Canadian company that provides a whole range of home décor product categories

Initial Investment - 50 USD

1). Net worth benefit – Initially, if your investment is made at a market valuation of USD 50 million. After 5 years, market valuation is expected to be approx. USD 5 billion. Hence your investment of USD 100 initially will grow its value to $10000. Delivering a value of 100 times your initial investment.

2). Profit Sharing – Transparent profit sharing from all Wedcorhomes platforms. Wedecorhomes stand at USD 50 million project valuation. Out of which, approx. USD 10 million can be raised publicly, which will add upto 20% of the overall share. Investors will get total net profit proportional to their investments every quarter. Profit shared from the fiscal year of 2022, on a quarterly basis as audit by third-party auditors. Hence, 1 share will have the value of USD 1. So the investment of USD 50 will get the investor 50 shares.

certificate of participation

As investors submit their KYC documents in order to complete investments, they shall receive their shareholding certificates.