Wedecorhomes is a local Canadian company that provides a whole range of home décor product categories

Frequently Asked Questions

Investors have the option to deposit funds directly into the target company’s account with a Canadian bank. Alternatively, they can route payments using payment gateways that enable payments using Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, and Tron.

At present, we stand at USD 50 million project valuation. Out of which, approx. USD 10 million can be raised publicly, which will add upto 20% of the overall share. Investors will get total net profit proportional to their investments every quarter.

No, this is a business, not an investment scheme. As you invest funds, they shall be used to build company’s business and profits, once earned, shall be shared from the fiscal year of 2022, on a quarterly basis as audit by third-party auditors.

We share the calculation using the following example:

Initial Investment USD 50

The company has a total of 50 million shares that are valued at USD 50 million.

Hence, 1 share will have the value of USD 1 will get the investor 50 shares.

Yes, Please reach out to company administrators or the person who referred you to us.

No, at the moment, we do not return your invested funds. Once the company is listed, you can sell your share and earn from proceeds.

We operate on a profit sharing model. If, during a particular quarter, the company does not earn a profit, investors shall not be paid. A prominent third party auditor shall audit the results for each quarter.

We accept investments from only one investor through one address proof. To clarify, we do not accept investments from more than one person in the household or family. Investors can continue to invest over time. KYC is mandatory for sharing profits.

To start a project, a minimum of 0.10% of 10 million i.e. 1 million (Soft cap) is required.

In a case where the soft cap of USD 1 million also is not achieved, the manufactured products will be delivered to investors according to their investment value after deducting expenses involved

Fund investment updates shall be shared on the company website after deduction of referral commissions. Also, updated documentation will be made available on the company website from time to time as per the laid road map.